Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

◻︎ Fast Emergency Care – Connect Anytime with Your Dentist!

◻︎ Our director has a track record as an instructor at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and is an International Research Fellow of the University of Geneva.

◻︎ Our team of dentists can provide you with professional and gentle care for all of your dental needs. We have specialized dentists in Pediatric dentistry, Orthodontic dentistry, Prosthodontics and Oral Surgery.

◻︎ Free Parking!

We have been established since the 1995

◻︎ Experienced and qualified

◻︎ Treated over 15,000 patients over 20 years

◻︎ Treating several generations of patients

We use state-of-the-art technology

◻︎ Digital X-rays and computed tomography(CT), digital shade scanner, computerized  records, intra-oral cameras, LCD screens at the foot of every modern bed to show patients their imaging; beds have infection control facilities

We have refurbished our modern practice to the highest government standards

◻︎ Decontamination, sterilization and disabled facilities

◻︎ Lighting with correct shade matching

◻︎ On-site free parking

◻︎ Infection control standards

◻︎ Adherence to the rules governing the profession under strict guidance of the General Dental Council, Japan Dental Association and Faculty of General Dental Practice

Our surgery room lighting has been fitted with correct shade matching (965 daylight, natural lighting)

◻︎ Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) lighting can improve your mood

◻︎ Correct daylight, natural lighting improves our cosmetic dentistry shade matching

We have a very relaxing & caring atmosphere

◻︎ Magazines, free mineral water, patient education digital imaging on the dental chair and white wet towels after treatment

◻︎ Dry ice packs after surgery

We pride ourselves in providing affordable, high quality dentistry

        2 / 52

        3 / 52

◻︎ Credit card available, subject to status, terms & conditions apply

We have our own dental shop

◻︎ Our dental products are usually cheaper than most high street shops

◻︎ Our dental products are recommended and tested by our dentists

Monday - Friday
10:00~13:00 14:30~19:00
※ Operation day: Thursday