Book (textbook)

Dental Implant Dictionary

Glossary of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants.

This book was Published by Quintessence, Inc. 2007;36-53 / written translation.

Ultimate Guide IMPLANTS

The Ultimate Guide to Implant Dentistry.

Section: Sinus Lift. This book was Published by Ishiyaku, Inc. 2004; Chapter5(2):196-215.

Professional Dental Journals in Japan

Special issue.

A new treatment concept for fully edentulous patients

Implant Journal, 2016;65:09-40.

Special issue.

The implant treatment for long-term stability of surrounding tissues.

Implant Journal, 2015;64:07-38.

A popular series.

Loading protocol with multiple and fully edentulous patients.

Practice in Prosthodontics, 2014;47(2):167-186.

A popular series.

The management of esthetic treatment: Timing of implant placement and load.

Practice in Prosthodontics, 2014;47(1):31-48.

Clinical Case of an Aesthetic site using STRAUMANN dental implant system.

The Quintessence – Implant YEAR BOOK, 2010:117-128.

Horizontal bone augmentation with Extension Crest® Technique: Trend & Topics. Quintessence Dental Implantology, 2006;13:321-331.

Strategic treatment planing for comprehensive implant treatment: Guideline for selection of surgical procedure. Practice in Prosthodontics, 2003;36:58-83.

Concept and surgical aspects of immediate implant with TE System: Immediate implant / when, where and how? Practice in Prosthodontics, 2002;35:650-667.

Research Paper (Japanese language)

N. Kuribayashi, K. Takano, A. Uematsu, H. Katsuyama. Clinical Evaluation of Bone Level around Implants in Extraction Sockets : A three-year radiographic follow-up. Journal of Japanese Society of Oral Implantology, 2007;20:500-510.

M. Niimura, M. Hojo, T. Tsukioka, N. Kuribayashi, K. Takano, S. Okada, K. Inada, H. Katsuyama. Clinical Analysis of SLA Implants : Three Year Analysis of 1824 Implants. Journal of Japanese Society of Oral Implantology, 2007;20:304-313.

Research Paper

N. Kuribayashi, S. Rahban, J-P Carrel, J-P, Bernard. Three-year clinical evaluation of a newprogressive bone augmentation technique for implant placement in narrow alveolar ridges. Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 2013, Osteology.

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